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Tessa's Mission

It all started back in 2015 when I wanted to work with teens, thinking I was still "young" and "cool" enough for them to open up about their emotional distress. I quickly realized I was not "young" anymore and that something scary was happening in their world. My attention was caught and I couldn't look away.


I want to share today's cultural influences that have contributed to the rise in suicide amongst teens and young adults. I WANT EVERY PARENT TO HEAR THIS! Parents of young kids can really benefit from this information to make a change before they are older. Parents of teens, it is never too late!


Working as a therapist, primarily with teens, has taught me SO MUCH on parenting my four boys. The scariest topic I have faced and work with daily is suicidal ideation and realizing that NO ONE IS IMMUNE TO THIS CULTURAL STORM. After years working as a Licensed Professional Counselor with the majority of MY clientele having suicidal ideation, I decided to look further into the subject of suicide among adolescents and young adults. After years of research, I have found some helpful information that can give our society hope. 


Professionally, I have taken interest in this topic but even more importantly, it has become personal. I am the mother to 4 young boys and am determined to raise them in a world without the threat of suicide as an option. Join me as I try to take suicide off the table for youth today!! 


Every parent can benefit understanding what has caused the uproar in suicidal ideation, suicide attempts and suicide completions amongst teens today and no matter the age of the child, learning to make changes today that will prevent future heartache. Join Tessa's movement to change the route in our kids future. 

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