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Tessa's Mission

It all started back in 2015 when I wanted to work with teens, thinking I was still "young" and "cool" enough for them to open up about their emotional distress. I quickly realized I was not "young" anymore and that something scary was happening in their world. My attention was caught and I couldn't look away. As a therapist, I was worried for my clients, as a mom, I was horrified for my kids' future.



I sit with teens every day and see the struggles they face due to social media, screen addiction, and early exposure and it has immensely changed my parenting view. The scariest topic I have faced and work with daily is suicidal ideation amongst youth and realizing that
no child or teenage is immune to this cultural storm. We must do something.

After years of research, I found helpful information that can give our society hope.  I want to share today's cultural influences that have contributed to the rise in mental illness, depression, anxiety and even suicide amongst teens and young adults. I want every parent to hear this. It is never too early or too late for parents to understand what is happening in the world their child is growing up in.


Most people think this doesn’t apply to them...because they have a baby or don’t anticipat

So, I wrote a book, started a podcast, made some connections, started speaking at any church, school, community event that would have me. Overtime, I built a reputation for being an expert in parenting your child with screens, social media, and the safest way to do so.

I am determined to raise my four sons in a world without the threat of social media harms and screen addiction. Let's do this together! 

Check out LookUp today to see how you can join Tessa and her mission for change!

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