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Teen Counseling

Group of teenagers smiling after successful counseling with Tessa Stuckey

Times certainly have changed since we were teenagers. The emotions are the same, the desires and needs are the same, but the circumstances are very different. Working with teenagers, I strive for connection and a relationship that provides a comforting atmosphere filled with empathy, validation and confrontation on new perspectives to instill growth and progress. 

Why Do Teens Need Therapy?

Teens seek out therapy when they or their parents become aware of a problem that isn’t going away or being resolved on its own. Teens seem to have a handful of stress-points that lead them to therapy:

  • Issues with Mom and Dad

  • Emotional challenges like depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation or cutting/self-harm behaviors

  • Screen addiction and other technology addictions that lead to deeper challenges like loss of sleep, poor academic performance, and isolation

  • Problems with friends or teammates ranging from getting along to feeling left out

  • Challenges related to graders, getting into college, time management or academic pressures to perfor

  • Social pressures that lead to things like perfectionism, FOMO (fear of missing out), cyber-bullying, comparison to others, and other societal pressures 

  • Loneliness, isolation or pulling away from friends and family

  • Missing social skills and life skills needed to mature in a healthy way like how to make friends, talk to strangers, or navigate other “normal” life situations

  • Dating/relationship issues

Do I Go To Therapy With My Teen Or Is It Just You Two?

You are welcome to be as involved in your teen’s therapeutic experience as you’d like. Depending on the age of your teen, I typically like to meet with parent(s) first. It is the best time for you to share your concerns, discuss expectations, and learn more about how I can be helpful for your teen. Once you are comfortable with your teen seeing me one-on-one, I can begin building rapport with him/her. It is important for your teen to trust me as their therapist. They need to know that our relationship holds confidentiality. 

If there is a conflict within your family or a specific issue that needs to be discussed, you will be invited to join a session for a productive and beneficial family session.

As The Parent, Can I Come In If I Have Concerns?

We can always set up separate sessions for you as the parent, to share your perspective, concerns and pressing matters.


If you think you need ongoing sessions for parenting your teen, learn more about parent coaching here.

Does My Teen Need A Formal Diagnosis For You To Help Them?

Absolutely not. Talk therapy is beneficial for most teens from those who are dealing with typical life stressors like academic pressures, family conflict and social concerns to those struggling with mental illness such as depression and/or anxiety.

How Long Does Teen Counseling Last?

Every individual is different and unique. I find that most teens need at least two or three sessions to build the rapport needed for effective therapy. Depending on the current presenting issues, it may take multiple sessions. I strive to set your teen up with the right tools to tackle their individual concerns/stressors and build confidence and emotional strength in order to gradually need therapy less frequently.

How Often Will My Teen Need To Meet With You?

After meeting with you and your teen, I’ll be able to answer this much easier. Typically individuals may need to start out with weekly sessions or biweekly sessions. 

How Can We Get Started?

Teen counseling starts with you, the parent. I offer everyone a consultation to explore working together. If you would like to schedule time with me, please email me

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