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Therapy Services

Being a parent is one of the most important jobs you’ll ever have. And yet, it comes with no manual, no “guide-book” and many parents spend a lot of time worrying that they’re doing it wrong. Parenting is hard, but we can work together to create a smoother path and understanding for parenting in today's world.

For many men, seeking counseling is a huge step. The very fact that you’re reading this page means you want something better for your life. That is something to be proud of. As a therapist, I’m happy to help you achieve that.  


Working with teenagers, I strive for connection and a relationship that provides a comforting atmosphere filled with empathy, validation and confrontation on new perspectives to instill growth and progress. 

One of the good things that happened during the pandemic was the ability to offer teletherapy to clients across the state of Texas.

As a counselor, I hope to walk with my client toward greater self-awareness through his/her life experiences that lead to increased confidence, self-esteem, independence, mental health, and the capacity to effectively navigate the complex challenges of life.

Working with teens has given me an advantage most parents don’t have.There are many factors and issues being brought to my office that are affecting each of our kids today.With an eager and passionate heart to provide understanding and help create ease within your household, I offer multiple speaking options that will accommodate your communities needs.

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