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Individual Therapy

Individual woman experiencing individual counseling with Tessa Stuckey.

The desire to help others has always been a significant piece of my personality and lifestyle. I strive to create a comfortable and inviting environment so I can hear your life story, goals, heartaches and tough life decisions. As a counselor, I hope to walk with my client toward greater self-awareness through his/her life experiences that lead to increased confidence, self-esteem, independence, mental health, and the capacity to effectively navigate the complex challenges of life.

What Can Individual Counseling Help Me With? 

You may need a safe place to talk through and process our thoughts and emotions. You may be going through a specific obstacle and need an unbiased perspective to make tough decisions or to move forward. Individual counseling can help you find the light that comes out of every struggle, every life transition, and every heartache to help you grow and learn. There is peace that coincides with knowing there must be something to gain from tough experiences. I am interested in helping others explore and process these times to get through it as a stronger individual. Whether you are going through divorce, experiencing stress created by schoolwork, finding yourself in a slump, lonely or grieving a recent life event, there is something that you can gain and grow from this hard time.

Do I Need A Formal Diagnosis To Qualify For Individual Counseling Or Can We Just Talk?

You do not need a formal diagnosis to attend individual counseling. I believe counseling is helpful for all individuals to help nurture their mental health whether struggling through a mental illness or not. 

Does Therapy Work For Everyone?

Very good question. Therapy is beneficial for most individuals who are ready and motivated for growth. With a good relationship built between client and therapist and a proper treatment plan in place, therapy is effective and helpful for most individuals. 

How Will My Life Get Better With Therapy? 

I believe as humans we are strongly affected by our surroundings and environment. I believe there are times we are unaware as to how much we are being affected and I help you find the strength to gain back control of emotions that may have been lost or pushed aside. There may be times you can’t always control your environment and find yourself surrounded by negativity. I work to help individuals find the motivation to turn the negativity into positivity.

Do We Do Anything More Than Talk? Is That Enough?

Sometimes talking is all that is needed to help process events or emotions present in your life. Other times, exercises done within the office are necessary to take that extra step. 

How Long Does It Take To Feel Better?

Every individual is different and unique. I find that most individuals feel better after only one or two sessions of individual counseling. However, depending on the current presenting issues, it may take the process of multiple sessions. I strive to provide a comfortable setting for my clients to explore their therapeutic needs and set them up with a good plan for growth and improvement.

Do You Offer Teletherapy Across The State Of Texas?

I currently offer teletherapy to individuals currently residing in the state of Texas.

How Can I Get Started?

Individual counseling starts with a conversation. I offer everyone a consultation to explore working together. If you would like to schedule time with me, please email me

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