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Counseling For Men

Man in deep thought sitting on stairs after counseling with Tessa Stuckey.

For many men, seeking counseling is a huge step. The very fact that you’re reading this page means you want something better for your life. That is something to be proud of. As a therapist, I’m happy to help you achieve that.  


Let’s talk a little about counseling for men and what you should expect.

What Issues Do You Typically Address When You Counsel Men?

  • Managing stressful lifestyles

  • Relationship management

  • Dating and sex

  • Conflict resolution 

  • Issues related to depression and anxiety

  • Work related stress and challenges

What if I’m simply having a hard time adjusting to “adult-hood”, can you help me?

Yes I can. Many times adapting to adulthood feels overwhelming. The seriousness of it matched with societal expectations plus what you want for your own life can all feel a bit much. Comparing yourself to others is a trap and for many men, this is the main issue they come to counseling to unravel. 


I am here to help you process this time and prepare for what’s to come.

What about dating and communicating in relationships?

Most people are not taught dating and communication skills in school. As if we’re somehow supposed to magically understand how to interact with someone you’re attracted to. In reality, it doesn’t work this way which can be incredibly stressful to many men.


Because romantic relationships are complicated and can be overwhelming I often act as the messenger between men and their significant other to help create a smoother romantic experience. That means better communication, understanding, and room to enjoy 

life together. 

A Common Issue Men Seek Counseling For Involves Life Balance & Handling Stress

It’s true that life can feel more challenging as we get older. As your responsibilities grow, the number of things you have to do in a given day can feel overwhelming. Many of my clients want help figuring out how to manage their career, dating/married life, and their own personal interests. How can you do it all? That’s one of the big areas we work on so you start to feel like you have some of your own time back without sacrificing your work goals or your romantic life.

Do You Offer Counseling In Person or Just Virtually?

I offer both in person and online. You can learn more about virtual counseling here.

How Can We Get Started?

Email me at so we can set up a time for a confidential call to talk about working together. 

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