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Tessa Stuckey Today!


There’s no denying times have changed since you were a teen. Working with teens has given me an advantage most parents don’t have. I get to sit with them daily to hear their struggles and understand today’s impact on their lifestyle. As a mom, I have used what I learn in my office to shift my perspective as a parent. There are many factors and issues being brought to my office that are affecting each of our kids today. And I would have no idea the severity and weight of these issues if it weren’t for my job. 


I wrote my book, For the Sake of Our Youth, to help share some of this information but that isn’t enough. Being an inspirational speaker, there’s nothing quite like a good conversation to expand what our kids are challenged with daily. I present to parents at schools, churches and even in the comfort of your own home to share what I learn sitting with teens and how we can adjust our role as “mom” or “dad” to help raise strong, independent individuals. As a parent it’s overwhelming trying to keep up and feel confident raising healthy, well-adjusted kids. From technology to social media to pandemic learning, it’s hard to know as a parent how to do it all and how to do it right.  


That’s where I come in. 


With an eager and passionate heart to provide understanding and help create ease within your household, I won’t just leave you with statistics and awareness. My main focus is sharing the preventative care needed and providing the “what now?” piece so families can walk away motivated, hopeful and ready to create positive change within their family's lifestyle. 

I offer multiple speaking options that will accommodate your communities needs. Many times combining presentations to reach multiple audiences is most effective. 

Parent Presentations

When I join you for a discussion-based presentation, your community will get a piece of my parent coaching as well as the most important factors affecting our kids today, what you can do about it starting now and how to start connecting with your child no matter their age. 


My parent presentations range in audience size.

School Parent Presentations:

  • Elementary: While you may think this doesn’t apply to your child’s upbringing because they are still young, this is actually the most crucial audience for me to address. Preventative care is important and needed in today’s society. 

  • Middle School: Such sensitive years, I work with parents in transitioning from child to teenager and share important information regarding social media, screens, school pressure and communication skills

  • High School: You may feel your teen has drifted, changed, isolates and is obsessed with his/her phone. I provide realistic action to create positive lifestyle changes and bring your family closer and connected. 

  • Church Presentations

    • Community Nights

    • Parent & Teen Nights

  • In-home

    • I’d love to join you right in your home for a small gathering with real and intimate discussions on how to keep our kids safe, help them build resiliency, and teach them how to connect with others. 

Teen Talks

Speaking to parents just isn't enough. To really make an impact, it’s important to reach the students as well ranging from middle school age to high school teens. Speaking to both parents and teens helps everyone get on board.  


While many will come in to speak to teens during school assemblies, and while that is sometimes effective, I prefer to keep the groups smaller. I find more interaction and success speaking to classrooms, church groups or hang-outs of teenagers rather than large assemblies. I am available to come hang out with your group of teens to discuss today’s cultural impact on their mental health and set them up with effective coping skills, social skills, and motivation for growth.  

Mom Nights

I love a good girls night! And I would love to be invited to your next Mom’s Night! Speaking isn’t just about powerpoint presentations and a microphone for me. I enjoy joining you and your friends to have real discussions about parenting in today’s world, what you should be aware of, and how you can bring it home for ease and comfort within your home. 

Are You Available To Come Speak Outside of Texas?

I sure am! I am available for travel a few times per month! Many groups have me come visit and do multiple types of presentations while I am there (Mom nights, parent presentation, teen talks) so they can get the full experience and most effective impact. 

How Much Do Your Presentations Cost?

It varies depending on what you are looking for, travel costs and accommodations. Please email for more information

How Can I Get You To My Community?

I am so excited to come speak to your community. Please email me at so we can discuss your community’s needs. 

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