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Dear Parents,

Updated: May 17, 2019


This is my plea to you for help. For all of our children’s future as well as peace of mind for ourselves. Every parent’s biggest fear is to lose their child to death. That is why we warn them of the negatives in this world. We teach them how to take care of themselves from wiping their own butt to studying for a chemistry test. We teach them how to be good, defensive drivers and warn them of the consequences of bad choices. We have something on our hands now, that I ask you to add to your list. There is a cultural storm that has hit and is wiping out those we love and is pulling more and more down. Our kids are next.

I ask, as you read this book, to open your mind and heart with the desire to show your child how much you care for him or her. People joke all the time, “Oh if only babies came with a manual, I would know what to do!” While this isn’t necessarily a manual, it can help bring understanding to what is affecting kids and teens today. We can learn what to do as their parents within this modern world. Certainly, it does not hold answers to all situations, but I truly believe that with what I share with you and your choice to put it into action, it can help tremendously and make parenting easier and maybe even enjoyable!

For those of you who have younger kids, you may not think this applies to you because, HOW COULD IT? But it does. Who knew that something so serious that teenagers are dealing with is something that we may need to deal with now? I wouldn’t have had any idea if it weren’t for my job. But one thing I know for sure, if I can put things into action while mine are little to prevent some sorrow while they are adolescents, you bet your bottom dollar I’m going to do it. And I know you feel the same. I can’t sit back and allow others to be unaware of what I know. Most of my research and the original purpose of this book was for parents of young kids, such as yourself. I want to get the attention of those that have no idea this would pertain to them in any way, shape or form. If we don’t make some changes now, consider this a foreshadow into your future with your kids.

My honest hope is to scare you a little, maybe that will get your attention. Because I am scared, I need you to hear me and what I have here. Please know that my research has taken years and is based around what I hear from adolescents on a daily basis. Join me in understanding and connecting with youth and the hurt that is happening.

While this book is to share helpful information on how to raise a child within our culture as well as how to parent a teen who may be struggling, most of what I share is helpful for all persons, no matter the age, to put into play within their own lifestyle. My goal is to unite parents and teens/future teen and for love and respect to be felt universally. And of course, my ultimate goal is to fight this storm of suicide with confidence with all the right gear.

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