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"Life is hard, never easy. Period. You can have a hard-good life or a hard-bad life. That part is up to you."

I'd like to help you achieve a hard-good life.


Tessa's book focuses on raising kids in today's culture. Her research on today's teen depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts has now been illustrated for understanding and motivates parents to make a plan. Parents will be ready to raise their child intentionally to making connections and build resilience in their little one. Tessa's book is geared towards parents of young kids as well as parents of teenagers today.




Listen to Tessa Speak






 -the scary truth about today's teen suicide and

what ALL parents need to know NOW-

For parents, educators, coaches, pastors...everyone!

Tessa Stuckey shares helpful information that can give

our society hope and motivation to take action.


After years of studying and researching suicide

among teens and young adults,Tessa presents a

new perspective and approach that all parents,

no matter the age of the child, will benefit from learning.


As a mother of 4, Tessa asks that you

join in her fear to take suicide off the table. 

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